Factory Tour

A few photos of our sewing department demonstrating all of the hard work and effort that goes into creating a perfect lingerie product.

Our operations team ensures that everything runs smoothly throughout the organization.

IFG supervisors ensure that every team in the stitching department is performing to its full potential

The IFG's strength.
"We are so powerful when we work together.

The women-empowered team behind all the marketing strategies

Several women have been supporting IFG for the past 50 years.

Our raw meterial department ensures that every piece of cloth is perfect before making the perfect bra for you

Our incredible product development team. Coming up with new ideas for one-of-a-kind lingerie pieces

A picture of all of our department heads together. From human resources to finance to information technology, we are honoring the women who have been with us for 50 years.

Our hardworking male team members in the raw material departmen

Our female directors honor a woman who has worked for IFG for 50 years.

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