• Bridal Lingerie To spice up your honeymoon

    Bridal Lingerie To spice up your honeymoon
    Let's get the list ready for your wedding festivities. However, how about the honeymoon lingerie also? Why not make things more exciting with some stunning & comfortable lingerie  on one of the most important and memorable holidays you'll ever spend. Enjoy yourself! Sexy lingerie sets deserve their own compartment in your suitcase! You're going to need some really pretty and sexy lingerie for your honeymoon, aren't you? When...
  • IFG Budget Friendly Bras With the Best Comfort - Updated 2023

    IFG Budget Friendly Bras With the Best Comfort - Updated 2023
    What's more fun than getting your desired intimate wear at a low price with higher quality. IFG presents you the most affordable collection with premium quality & best comfort. Finding the correct bra might be somewhat of a minefield if your budget is limited. We are all aware of the value of purchasing premium lingerie, so how can you save yourself some cash and...
  • Wedding Essentials - Guide for Intimate Wear

    Wedding Essentials - Guide for Intimate Wear
    Wedding season has just begun and we want you to have all the intimate essentials for your wedding or even if you are buying for your best friend. Gift your loved ones with the perfect lingerie wedding gift wrapped in love, comfort & support. Intimate Fashions have a huge variety of lace , maximizers & silk sleepwear to complete a girl’s bridal wardrobe. Visit...
  • Loungewear - A New Fashion Trend

    Loungewear - A New Fashion Trend
    Life is better when you have the most comfy & snuggly pjs. Poppy introduces its new collection of pajama sets in butter soft silk and knitted pure cotton fabric ,perfect for any season. Loungewear has set a fashion bar across. Now you don't have to worry about going out because Poppy brings its most fashionable and chic pajama sets collection that you can wear anywhere and enjoy with your friends.     Below are All time...
  • Lingerie Sustainable Fashion - Poppy New Arrivals

    Lingerie Sustainable Fashion - Poppy New Arrivals
    Poppy Lingerie New Arrivals Invest in recycled lingerie products and be eco friendly. Recycle Bras launched for the first time in Pakistan this October with the assurity of zero excess fabric waste during its production. Designs are super comfortable and comfy for a woman to wear bra all day long with no show lines. It's important to be fair to nature and protect via...
  • Triumph Best Selling Bras - You Must Try 

    Triumph Best Selling Bras - You Must Try 
    Triumph came into existence a long time back, adding value in women’s life. It's known for its design, color, product variation & comfort. Listing down the most hot-selling Triumph lingerie that you should try this season! Minimizer Bras Bras that make your fit look perfect with reducing your bra size to 1 inch. These bras offer great support with all the comfort you need. It's...
  • How to Measure Bra Size Yourself

    How to Measure Bra Size Yourself
    Wearing Right Size Bra If you are not wearing the right size bra, you won't feel comfortable, life is much easier if you are sure of what you are wearing and if you are comfortable enough in your size. Intimate Fashions gives the easy platform to its customers from all over the world that they can measure themselves, and get their accurate sizes from our size calculator available on...
  • Plus Size Fit & Size Guide

    Plus Size Fit & Size Guide
    Bra should be fun for every size and every body type . There should be no restrictions in terms of size . We as a brand promote body positivity and believe that every woman is unique and beautiful in her own way . Triumph & Ifg has been serving its customers for more than 50 years and as a brand we ensure to provide best quality products with all the sizes available. 
  • 7 Bra Hacks Every Girl Should Know

    7 Bra Hacks Every Girl Should Know
    Being a girl and wearing a bra revolves around. It is important that women should feel comfortable in what she is wearing and how she is wearing it. There are some useful Bra Hacks which every girl should know to make her life easy and stress free. 1- If you are wearing Low Back Neckline No need to show your bra band and kill your vibe...
  • Body Positivity Women Lingerie

    Body Positivity Women Lingerie
    Everybody is special & unique in its own way. A women should love her body and skin the way it is. Whether you are a petite size or a plus size women but if you have the confidence you can flaunt yourself and love your body. Skin color and size doesn’t matters what matters is your comfort, happiness and fun. IFG cater to all...
  • A Guide To Different Types Of Breasts & Bra Styles

    A Guide To Different Types Of Breasts & Bra Styles
    There are different types of breasts and everybody is unique in their own way. Women should wear bras according to their breast shape for a perfect fit and support with comfort. Here are the types of breasts and recommendations of bra styles. Types of Breasts & Bra Styles: Round Breast Boobs are round and fuller in cups. Full coverage bras go well as it...
  • Eid Essentials With IFG

    Eid Essentials With IFG
    This Eid, Be comfortable and relaxing all day because IFG presents its amazing quality undergarments for you at a reasonable price. The brand has a huge variety of bras, briefs, nighties, camisoles & nightwear. Sizes are available for all body shapes and sizes because IFG believes in body positivity and feel that every woman should accept her body type and wear the correct size. In...
  • A Guide To Viscose Clothing

    A Guide To Viscose Clothing
    Viscose is a semi synthetic fabric. It is known to be the third most used fabric in the world. It is known for its light fabric, breathability & is perfect in summers . Following are the care instructions for Viscose pajama sets.   Pajama Set 123 Rs.3,650.00 Introducing our easy-breezy plain viscose pajama set in front open button-down collar shirt & plain pajamas with...
  • How to feel confident in your lingerie

    How to feel confident in your lingerie
    Feel Confident in you lingerie with style A woman should have all the access to be comfortable in what she wears. She should feel confident in her lingerie when she is sure about her size & fit. IFG is all women's favorite intimate wear because it is known for its quality, design, comfort and the availability of sizes and colors . Lingerie & intimate...
  • Women's Day Special: How To Be The Hero of Your Own Journey?

    Women's Day Special: How To Be The Hero of Your Own Journey?
    Most of the women's day special content celebrates all those women who have achieved big goals and made a name in society. These women are usually entrepreneurs, leaders, doctors, authors, or lawyers. In doing so, we forget the ones who haven’t been able to achieve huge milestones and are struggling with regular life problems. Such women might not be successful ones according to society’s perspective,...
  • Simple Ways To Practice Self Love

    Simple Ways To Practice Self Love
    Simple Ways To Practice Self Love We all go through such phases in our lives in which we feel low, depressed, and not just like ourselves. In such times, as the old saying goes, one needs love the most. So, if you are finding yourself on the precipice of darkness, a dash of self-love in the form of self love affirmations might just be...
  • How To Know If You Have a Tight Bra?

    How To Know If You Have a Tight Bra?
      If you have been experiencing irritation and discomfort around your chest area, there is a high chance that your bra is the cause. How you may ask? If you have a tight bra or a loose one, it can be a huge annoyance at times.  Usually it is easy to suspect fitting  issues with your bras, but problems arise when you cannot decide...
  • Things To Consider While Buying Lingerie

    Things To Consider While Buying Lingerie
      What might seem like a very easy and small task can actually be tiresome and complex. Yes we are talking about lingerie shopping. With so many options out there, choosing the right lingerie can be a tedious task, especially when you are looking for comfort.  But not everyone prioritizes comfort when it comes to bras, many opt for elegance and style. So how...
  • Fitting Issues

    Fitting Issues
    The Perfect fitting of an underband The band provides most of the bra support. The band around the chest should be level front and back all the way around your ribcage. It needs to be firm so It provides adequate support but it also needs to be comfortable so ensure the band is neither too lose nor too tight. If the band rides up...

    There are many reasons why women should wear a padded bra. A padded bra has cups that contains padding. The padding can either be permanently sewn in the cups or can be in form of removable pads. One of the main reasons is that it enhances your bust line and make your bust look fuller or larger. Padded bras cover your nipples sufficiently so...

    With Eid approaching during these difficult times when are in middle of a pandemic, we definitely need to be more responsible. We can’t change everything that is happening around us but what we can do is play our part in preventing and containment of the virus. Shop online instead of visiting markets We understand this dragged longer than most of us imagined. We are...

    Fabric and material matter the most when buying a bra, doesn’t it? We as a bra manufacturer invest a lot of our time, effort and resources finding the perfect fabric which does not only fit well but also provides ultimate comfort and support. There has been a huge evolution in lingerie when it comes to fabric. In older times, women only had cotton, silk...

    We should all aspire to be good citizens of our country and rest of the world too. In the spirit of this Independence Day let’s make a few promises to ourselves and others around us. In addition to decorating our houses, dressing up green, taking car rides flaunting our flags and putting on some patriotic songs, let’s also make some promises which will help...
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