At Intimate Fashions our goal is to provide you with comfortable and well-fitted bras which is why we always recommend that you wear the correct bra size. Since our bodies are constantly changing and so is our bra size it’s important to measure your size before you purchase a new bra. We also know that it can be daunting to buy a bra online which is why we show you how to accurately measure yourself with the simple steps below:

Step 1

Take a measuring tape and measure in cm. We repeat you have to measure in cm not inches

Step 2

Make sure you are wearing a normal bra, not a heavily padded one when you take your measurements

Step 3

Measure tightly around the under bust. This should simply give you your bra size. For example, if your under bust measurement is 76cm then according to International Bra Size, your size is 34. The below size guide chart will give you your exact Bra size in inches.

Step 4

In order to find your perfect cup size, you have to measure loosely around the bust (the fullest part of your breast) in cms

Step 5

Calculate the difference between the fullest part of your bust and the under bust to determine your cup size. Please note if you size is an odd number, then you should round it off to the nearest decimal. For example, if your size is 89cm then you round it off to 90cm.

Fullest part - Bust Size = Cup size based on the shown size chart. 

Enter your band and bust size in our calculator below to get your correct bra size:

Your Size is :

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