Size Guide


At Triumph, our emphasis is always on wearing the right size. Whether you are new customer or a repeat customer, our sales staff would always recommend you to get your size measured by a specialist before buying a bra. Simply because your size changes frequently due to many reasons. Our staff at our own stores are extensively trained to measure your correct size. It may look a bit unrealistic to you simply because you may be wearing the wrong size determined by guess work or trial and error. At triumph, years of research, experience and credibility has gone into perfecting our size so trust us and we will never disappoint you.

Sitting at home, we can assure you can accurately measure yourself with the below simple steps:


Step 1

Take a measuring tape and measure in cm. We repeat you have to measure in cm not inches

Step 2

Make sure you are wearing a normal bra, not a heavily padded one when you take your measurements

Step 3

Measure tightly around the under bust. This should simply give you your bra size. For example, if your under bust measurement is 76cm then according to International Bra Size, your size is 34. The below size guide chart will give you your exact Bra size in inches.

Step 4

In order to find your perfect cup size, you have to measure loosely around the bust (the fullest part of your breast) in cms

Fullest part-Bust Size= Cup size based on the below size guide.

Step 5

Calculate the difference between the fullest part of your bust and the under bust to determine your cup size. Please note if you size is an odd number, then you should round it off to the nearest decimal. For example, if your size is 89cm then you round it off to 90cm.


Example: if your under bust measurement is 70 cm and your fullest part of the breast is 89 cm. Then 70 cm is your bra size which 32 inches.

89 cm -70 cm = 19 cm which is a D cup

Your size is 32 D


Measure the Waist

If the waist is not clearly defined, the intended wearer should bend sideway to get the natural break. This measurement determines whether the size is small, medium, large etc. If the measurement is between sizes, round it up to the nearest 5cm interval. This enables you to determine the panty size.

Measure the Hip

Place the tape measure around the fullest part of the hips. The waist and hip measurement can then be used to determine the correct pant as tabled below:

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