A Guide To Different Types Of Breasts & Bra Styles


There are different types of breasts and everybody is unique in their own way. Women should wear bras according to their breast shape for a perfect fit and support with comfort.

Here are the types of breasts and recommendations of bra styles.

Types of Breasts & Bra Styles:

Round Breast

Boobs are round and fuller in cups. Full coverage bras go well as it gives a fuller look with the support and no side spillage. It can be a lace bra or a cotton bra wired or non wired both works well for such types of breasts.

Recommended Bras :


This shape is common in small breasted women. These types of breasts are a little longer and they're wide. Such types of breasts need support and push to be in place and to maintain the shape. We recommend non wired padded bras & underwire padded bras. It can go with any outfit and you can wear it on a daily basis with the desired shape .

Recommended Bras:


These types of breasts are different . Right & Left breast is different in shape, size & volume . There is a difference in the cup size. It is very common and 63% of women tend to have asymmetrical breasts which doesn't mean that there is a fault, but the only difference is in cup size which is normal. Such type of shape needs padded bras , maximizers and bras with removable pads are ideal for the different cup sizes .

Recommended Bras:

East-west Shape

There is a wide space between the chest area and the nipples are pointing in opposite directions . They are also known as wide size breasts because of the gap between the cups .T-shirt padded bras and pushup bras are good for such types of breasts.

Recommended Bras:

Bell shape

This is known as large cup size. These kinds of breasts are slimmer at the top and fuller or thick at the bottom . They can also be in asymmetrical cup size . Full coverage bras are recommended to be worn if you have bell shape , with supportive straps but make sure it shouldn't dig in your skin or slip off the shoulders .

Recommended Bras:

Tear Drop

It is the most common kind of breast shape . Its less curvy and more rounded cup , as it is thick from the bottom and slightly narrow from the top which creates a natural tear drop shape . A full coverage bra , pushup and triangular shape are encouraged to be worn . We recommend some of our hit bras suitable for your breast type .

Recommended Bras:


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