Fitting Issues


The Perfect fitting of an underband

The band provides most of the bra support. The band around the chest should be level front and back all the way around your ribcage. It needs to be firm so It provides adequate support but it also needs to be comfortable so ensure the band is neither too lose nor too tight. If the band rides up from the back then it is too big for you. You should try adjusting the straps in that case. However, if you feel adjusting the straps is not supporting your bust then you can tighten the hook at the back. If this doesn’t work too then we definitely recommend you to try one sister size down which means you can try a bigger band and go one cup smaller. For instance, if you wear a 38D, you could try 40C.

What perfect fitting of the cups looks like?

A well-fitting cup is the key to a good fitting bra. The cup should contain the whole of the breast with no creases and no cleavage on show. If your boobs are spilling out of the cups or from the sides or being squashed then the cup it too small for you. In that case you should try one cup bigger. For instance, if you wear 40D then you could try 40E.  Whereas if there are creases or wrinkling of the fabric then it suggests the cup is big for you so you should consider trying one cup smaller. In cases where one cup fits perfectly and the other doesn’t then you should adjust the straps of that side as it is very common for one breast to be slightly bigger or smaller than the other one. In case of wired bras, the underwire should go right around the contour of the breast sitting flat against your ribs without digging into the breast tissue.

Wires popping out or giving you a rash?

When the wire starts popping out, it’s a reminder that it is time to dispose of that bra. They too come with an expiry date after all! If your wired bra is giving you a skin rash, then you probably hooked the bra too tight. Give your breast some breathing space.

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