How to Measure Bra Size Yourself


Wearing Right Size Bra

If you are not wearing the right size bra, you won't feel comfortable, life is much easier if you are sure of what you are wearing and if you are comfortable enough in your size. Intimate Fashions gives the easy platform to its customers from all over the world that they can measure themselves, and get their accurate sizes from our size calculator available on the website.

Book Virtual Fitting

Apart from this you can always book a virtual fitting appointment with our style expert. It's an easy process that you can book a 30mins slot on your preferable time btw 10:00-5:00 and get on video or an audio call via zoom or whatsapp and get all your queries answered. It's an easy process for us to provide ultimate comfort to our customers. You can always call on our helpline and can ask the sales representative to guide you regarding your size and guidance of how to book virtual fitting.

 Measure your Bra Size

You can always visit intimate fashion stores and get your size checked by our female staff. They all are well experienced and will measure you accurately and will guide you which bra looks best for you.

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How to Measure Bra Size Yourself at Home

This article explains how you can measure yourself at home also. It's an easy process.

1-Wear a non padded, non wireless bra

2- Stand in front of the mirror

3- Take an inch tape and measure your chest from the center as shown in the picture

Measure your right bra size

4-Note down your measurements in cm

5-Now measure your underbust a little tight without any finger space gap .

Measure your right bra size

6-Write down the measurements in cm.

7-Subtract bust measurements from underbust measurements.

7- Visit our website and click on fit expert tab 

8- In the Fit Expert tab click Bra size guide and from the chart check your bust measurements.

View Bra Size Guide :

Measure your right bra size

9- There is another cup size chart , the difference you got by subtraction, check your cup size measurement in the respective chart

Measure your right bra size

10- This is how you got the perfect size of yours.

Ideally every woman should check her bra size every 6 months, as chest size tends to be changed within 6month time span, so check yourself and wear the accurate size .

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