International Women's Day


March 8th is International Women's Day, a day dedicated to honoring the social, economic, cultural, and political accomplishments of women. The day also serves as a rallying point for women's equality. It is a day to lift one another up, work together as a global community, share stories and actions, and participate in charitable activities. Technology, work, forging change, creatives, empowerment, health, and sport are some of the specific areas of focus.

International women’s day has been observed for well over a century, with more than a million people attending the first meeting in 1911.

International fashion & garment is the leading manufacturer of women’s undergarments in Pakistan and has been around for over 50 years, becoming larger and growing by the decade. IFG is the sole distributor of Triumph in Pakistan and recently launched its own brand, Poppy. We were able to achieve our desired goals because of our sharp sense of fashion and excellent insights into the requirements and wants of our customers.


It offers high-quality products in trendsetting designs, made from imported patterns and accessories, which conform to international standards of sizing, quality, comfort, and fit. IFG offers a wide range of undergarments and nightwear, in cotton and polyester fabrics specifically designed for Pakistani women.

 IFG Pakistan

We continually aim to hire fresh talent, providing them with one of the most interesting work environments in the textile industry, outstanding conditions, and fantastic growth prospects in a business that is still owned and run by the founding family. Women make up more than 50% of our company’s staff which makes it women’s first choice when they think of getting employed.


We are spread all over Pakistan and aim to move to the export level. IFG has always prioritized the quality and stitching of its products but the company is mindful of the fact that quality intimate products must be accompanied by excellent service in order to satisfy demanding consumers.

70-75% of our employees are women which shows that IFG is a women-centric company and prefers hiring females to show them full support.



The production in the company is backed by a lot of strong women who are working hard in every department to make sure that IFG reaches its goals.

 These departments include, Raw Material, Cutting, Packaging, IFG store, and even the office staff has a majority of women. Many of these sections are even being run by women making them the head of the department with a team of more than 30 people.



Women in higher positions in our company:

Mahwash: Director 


Hamayal: Head of Operations and Production


Sara: Assistant Brand Manager





Sriyani : Head of Product Development


Anusha : E-commerce Coordinator


We have females working with us who have been loyal to our company for the past 50 years and have received awards.



Women’s day at IFG

For our Women's Day campaign, Ifg hired a professional photographer to photograph the women who work for us and to showcase their work on all of our brands' social media accounts.

We also made gift boxes for them to thank them for the incredible work they do.


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