The Perfect Gift Guide for Your Mom This Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is a special day that is dedicated to honoring and appreciating mothers and mother figures all around the World, this is the perfect time for people to express their love, gratitude and respect for their mothers and the influential women in their lives. Being a mother can be both physically and emotionally demanding.

According to research, when mothers give birth, nature takes its toll on their body and the body goes through a lot of changes, one the major change being the enlargement and sagging of their breasts, but that doesn’t mean the change is bad, it should be valued. So, this Mother’s Day gift them something special and unique that will offer them comfort and will support them like they support us.

Yes, we are talking about lingerie. Trust us, your mom will love the idea and we have got just the right products listed down for you to start with, so let’s thank them for loving us unconditionally and serving their families selflessly.

Let’s start with the one that was crafted specially while keeping all the new mothers in mind. Triumph’s Mamabel is a distinctively designed nursing bra that helps in providing support to the figure while nursing. It consists of drop cups and front clasps for easy and safe breast feeding. It is available in a very practical skin color and comes in knitted cotton material that will guarantee the comfort.

Looking for the ideal brief for your mom? IFG’s Control brief is the best option for mothers who appreciate extra support, it is a high-waisted style brief that provides added tummy control. The Control brief is known to give overall coverage to ensure a comfortable and flattening fit. This brief is made from soft cotton material that will keep your mom comfortable throughout the day.

Who says that a mom must always wear boring bras? Go for comfort and beauty with Poppy’s Blossom 003, that is also one of our star products. It is a padded lace bra that promises a good lift and enhances the shape. It has attractive lace detailing on the cups and the straps with a cute bow at the front and is available in three basic colors of skin, black and white but if your mom prefers something bold, it also has a fourth color that is maroon.

We believe all bodies are beautiful, so don’t worry about the changes in your body, we have products that cater plus sizes as well. Triumph’s Doreen is a bra that comes in sizes up to H. It is also Triumph’s best-selling minimizer bra that is made with lace and lycra. Doreen is a corrective bra that provides optimum fit, support and comfort to the women with fuller sizes.

And if your mom’s personal preference leans towards more practical styles when it comes to bras. IFG’s Trend 46 might really catch her eye. It is a lightly padded lace and net bra that consists of PU foam covered with lightly knitted cotton fabric that is soft to touch and will guarantee breathability. Trend 46 is padded with full coverage net cups, stretchable bands and adjustable straps.

Being a mom means no rest because you are occupied full-time with all the work and responsibilities. That means you need something that won’t be causing any fuss when you are already have a lot on your plate. You can slip into Poppy’s Pajama Set 120 that is a knitted cotton printed pajama set with collar and front open shirt with full sleeves and will ensure you stay comfortable. It is manufactured with soft cotton material and has a beautiful contrasting purple piping and a cute front pocket.

It is important to realize that Mother’s Day isn’t only about biological mothers, but also about recognizing and appreciating all mother figures, including stepmothers, grandmothers, aunts and other women who have played a significant nurturing role in our life. So, don’t shy away from gifting them with a token of appreciation to make them know how much you value their presence in your life.

We highly support body positivity and after being a mom it can be very difficult for some mothers to recognize themselves in their new body, and it might be inevitable for them to not have a crisis of self-esteem. This post is all about helping and appreciating women regardless of their body type, and lingerie can certainly play a crucial role in boosting your confidence.

With so many options, it is perfectly possible to feel comfortable, cute and sexy while being pregnant and also after giving birth. This list will help you narrow down the selection for a perfect gift for your mom or you can browse through our website to find more options.

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