Types of Bras and Lingerie


Over the years, bras and lingerie have evolved into various kinds to suit different body types, outfits, and preferences and they come in a variety of styles, types, and materials. Choosing the right bra can make a significant difference in how you look and feel, hence, it is essential to select the one that fits well and suits your needs.

Our favorite lingerie style might not be what’s right for you, our anatomy might be the same but each of us is unique. People usually don’t think about the fact that breast shape comes into play too. A thoughtful bra wardrobe not only supports your shape but also accounts for varying activities and personal preferences. So, it is important to be fully aware of your body and what it needs.

We will help you by listing down the most basic types of bras that you can choose from according to your liking.

1. Padded Bra

Padded bras have cups lined with foam, or other materials to help add volume and shape to the breasts. The padded bra provides a fuller look and nipple coverage to women with smaller breasts. Women with more heavy sizes might not prefer them because they think it can make their breasts look double their original size, but the reason could be an error while choosing the design or size.

One of our favorites among padded bras is IFG’s X-Over P which is a lightly padded bra with its signature crossover lace, broad adjustable straps, and stretchable under bands with two hooks at the back. This bra is sure to provide you with maximum support while keeping you comfortable, available in sizes up to 40.

T-Shirts bras are the most common type of padded bras and we have some of the best t-shirt bras in Triumph. Take our T-Shirt Bra 60 P for instance, which is a padded and non-wired bra along with adjustable straps made with special stretchable lycra fabric which is designed to provide a smooth seamless look.

2. Non-Padded Bra

A non-padded bra doesn’t have any additional padding or foam inserts in the cups, it provides support and coverage without adding any extra volume to the breasts. Non-padded bras are good for women who want to wear lightweight or fitted clothing, as they don’t create any visible lines or bumps.

IFG’s Vision is a non-padded bra with having half lace cup with delicate detailing and stretchable, adjustable side bands to not only add comfort but also enhance the appeal, available in sizes up to 44.

3. Wired Bra

Wired bras are designed to provide additional strength, support, and lift to the breasts with a soft, thin, and flexible wire sewn into the bottom of each cup. The wire helps to shape the cups and keep them in shape. This can be crucial for women with larger breasts or those who engage in high-impact activities.

Poppy’s bra Daisy is the perfect example of support with style, it is a wired and padded bra with an attractive lace design making it idle for everyday use, and can also be worn on special occasions.

4. Non-Wired Bra

Non-wired bras don’t have any underwire support. Instead, it relies on other features such as wider straps, a wider band, and more structured cups to provide support and shape to the breasts. Non-wired bras are preferred by women who find underwire uncomfortable or restrictive.

Triumph’s Jolly Fit N is an elegant non-wired bra with half-lace cups. This bra is a comfortable and practical choice for everyday use and leisure time, ensuring comfort and maximum support.

5. Sports Bra

Sports bras are designed to provide support and minimize breast movement during physical activity and prevent discomfort or injury. Sports bras are typically made from soft, stretchy, and moisture-wicking fabric to keep you cool, dry, and comfortable during exercise.

Poppy’s Clove is the perfect sports bra for your workout sessions. Made from extremely soft, breathable, four-way stretch Nylon/Spandex blend and lightly padded for maximum grip. This bra comes with a cross-back design to help you stay in style during those sweaty training sessions.

There are endless options in the market when it comes to choosing a bra, each designed to offer different levels of support, shaping, and comfort. All you need to do is know your size and offer yourself a bra that fulfills your unique needs and fits the best on your body.

We believe in ultimate comfort and style for every woman despite their size. Bras can improve the shape of a woman’s breasts. They can help in increasing or decreasing the perceived breast size, control the movement during activities or enhance the cleavage. The best bra would be the one proportional to your breast and body type.

So next time you buy a bra, take this article as a guide to help simplify your purchasing decisions.

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