7 Bra Hacks Every Girl Should Know


Being a girl and wearing a bra revolves around. It is important that women should feel comfortable in what she is wearing and how she is wearing it. There are some useful Bra Hacks which every girl should know to make her life easy and stress free.

1- If you are wearing Low Back Neckline

No need to show your bra band and kill your vibe with it. Wear your bra and don't hook your bra bands, stretch a bit towards your lower back, cross it and put a body transparent tape on either side of your hook bands. This is how your breast shape will be perfect and there will be no stress of wearing lower back. 

 Low Back Neckline Bra

2- How to Hide Straps under halter Neckline & Sleeveless Tops

If you are wearing a sleeveless or a halter top, and don't want bra straps to be showing then it's the easiest hack you can try at home. You can try two different options, get a paper clip, hold your straps at the back and clip it through a paperclip. Trust me it wont move your straps and won't make you uncomfortable. The second option is that you can buy transparent straps and follow the same procedure of holding your straps at the back and clip it with the transparent strap, it wont show and will keep you comfortable throughout the day.

Bra Undergarments IFG

Bra Undergarments IFG


3- Sew your Bra Cups in to Your Dress

If you wish to wear long gowns and straps and you don't want to wear a bra and adjust the bra straps, then you can sew your bra cups into your dress. Cut the straps of the bra and sew them in a round manner. This way you will have a proper shape, no adjusting of bra and will give you a seamless look.

Bra Undergarments IFG

Bra Undergarments IFG

4-Wrap the Straps

If you are wearing a multi way bra then you can play around differently to try multiple hacks, for instance you wrap around the straps under your waist in a multi way bra, you can have a cross back, you can wear the bra in a strapless way. One bra can give you the luxury to experience three different looks. Attaching the picture below so that you have an idea.

Bra Undergarments IFG

5-Washing Your Bra:

Hand Wash your bra in mild detergent and in cold water, after washing them lay your bras flat just to air dry them. Do not hang twist your bra cups to dry they will lose their shape. Also never put your bras in the dryer because the heat will damage the elasticity.


Bra Undergarments IFG


6- Organize your Bra Drawer

For sure every girl owns lots of bras, for everyday & for special occasions. To keep these secure these need to be taken care of. Organize your bra-drope with the useful drawer techniques. You can build sections in your drawer by hardboard and can keep bras securely. Moreover you can keep your bras in different boxes/containers to prevent it from getting ruined, also it will be easier for you to find your desired color of bra.


Bra Undergarments IFG

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