Budget-Friendly Lingerie Finds: Stylish and High-Quality Options at Affordable Prices


Finding the perfect lingerie doesn’t have to break the bank. Our brand is dedicated to offering stylish, high-quality lingerie at prices that won't strain your budget. Here’s a guide to some of our best budget-friendly options that combine comfort, support, and style.

  • Amoreena Bra – Rs. 570.00

For everyday comfort, the Amoreena Bra is a must-have. Made from soft polyester fabric, this bra ensures optimal comfort throughout the day. The downward seams provide a smooth and rounded shape, making it perfect for daily wear. It’s available in a range of colors including skin, black, white, pink, red, and maroon, and comes in B cup sizes 30-40.


- Soft polyester fabric

- Downward seams for a smooth shape

- Available in B cup sizes 30-40

- Colors: Skin, black, white, pink, red, maroon

  • Basic Deluxe – Rs. 670.00

The Basic Deluxe Bra is designed for maximum comfort and support. With its adjustable band and thick straps, it provides excellent support for everyday use. The full-coverage woven cotton material and minimal lace detailing add a touch of elegance. This bra is available in B and C cup sizes 30-42, and comes in colors like skin, pink, black, and white.


- Full coverage woven cotton

- Non-stretchable band with adjustable straps

- Minimal lace detailing

- Available in B and C cup sizes 30-42

- Colors: Skin, pink, black, white

  • Classic Bra – Rs. 690.00

Our Classic Bra is a versatile option for daily wear. It features an adjustable band and comfortable straps, ensuring a perfect fit. The full-coverage woven cotton material and stretchable band make it an excellent choice for all-day comfort. It’s available in a variety of colors such as pink, candy pink, red, burgundy, vintage pink, black, white, and skin, and comes in B and C cup sizes 30-42.


- Full coverage woven cotton

- Adjustable and stretchable band and straps

- Available in B and C cup sizes 30-42

- Colors: Pink, candy pink, red, burgundy, vintage pink, black, white, skin

  • Lotus Bra – Rs. 950.00

For a touch of elegance and style, the Lotus Bra is a fantastic choice. This lightly padded bra features beautiful lace cups, making it ideal for special occasions and party wear. The stretchable under band and side bands ensure comfort, while the thin adjustable straps add a delicate touch. Available in B cup sizes 30-40, it comes in classic colors like black, maroon, and skin.


- Lightly padded with lace cups

- Stretchable under band and side bands

- Thin adjustable straps

- Full cup design

- Available in B cup sizes 30-40

- Colors: Black, maroon, skin

  • Young Miss – Rs. 780.00

The Young Miss Bra is perfect for those who prefer a stylish yet comfortable option. This soft, wireless, non-padded bra is made entirely of lace, making it trendy and suitable for any occasion. Available in B cup sizes 30-38, it comes in an array of beautiful colors including skin, black, rose pink, lavender, and navy blue.


- Soft wireless design

- Non-padded, full lace construction

- Available in B cup sizes 30-38

- Colors: Skin, black, rose pink, lavender, navy blue

  • Mix & Match (Solid) – Rs. 1,850.00 (Pack of 5 Briefs)

Introducing our Mix & Match Solid: Pack of 5 high-waisted pure cotton briefs, designed to elevate your comfort and style. Crafted from the finest quality, soft stretchable cotton fabric, these briefs promise the perfect fit every time.


- Supreme Comfort: Indulge in luxurious comfort with our high-waisted briefs, meticulously crafted from pure cotton for a soft, breathable feel against your skin.

- Flattering High Waist: Experience ultimate coverage and support with our high-waisted design, offering a flattering fit that accentuates your curves and provides all-day comfort.

- Premium Quality: Made from premium cotton fabric, our briefs ensure durability, elasticity, and long-lasting comfort, making them a wardrobe essential.

- Versatile Style: Whether you're lounging at home or stepping out for the day, our versatile briefs offer the perfect blend of style and functionality to complement any outfit.

- Value Pack: With our convenient pack of 5, you'll always have a fresh pair of high-waisted pure cotton briefs on hand, ensuring comfort and confidence throughout the week.

Available in sizes S to XXL, our Mix & Match Solid briefs come in a variety of colors, making them a perfect addition to your lingerie collection.

Finding stylish and high-quality lingerie at affordable prices is now easier than ever. Our carefully curated selection ensures that you don’t have to compromise on comfort, support, or style. Whether you need something for everyday wear or a special occasion, we have the perfect budget-friendly option for you. Shop now and experience the perfect blend of elegance and affordability!

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