We should all aspire to be good citizens of our country and rest of the world too. In the spirit of this Independence Day let’s make a few promises to ourselves and others around us. In addition to decorating our houses, dressing up green, taking car rides flaunting our flags and putting on some patriotic songs, let’s also make some promises which will help our country and our citizens. Amidst all the celebrations, we shouldn’t forget that we are still in a pandemic and we need to celebrate responsibly. Avoid participating in celebrations that involves big crowds. Spend time with family and close friends only who you have been in close contact with during the entire quarantine. Follow all sops when going out, visiting malls or restaurants. Below you will find five ways to be a good citizen.

Volunteer to be active in Community

People who have done community service would agree when we say that it gives happiness and peace to a whole new level. Volunteer at any organization or cause that is close to your heart and let’s give back to the society not only in monetary terms but with our precious time and effort. You can also be an active member of your community by participating in clean up and plantation drives, organize charity campaigns for a special cause, and by helping your neighbors and the community you live in.

Take responsibility of your actions

You are not only responsible to protect yourself but others around you too.  That is what makes a good community after all. Be responsible, respectful, and tolerant towards everyone regardless of their race, ethnicity or religion. Be honest, kind and compassionate. Accept each other and live in peace.

Protect the environment

When it comes to protecting the environment, most of us become demotivated by assuming that one little change won’t even make a difference but remember every little effort counts. Little by little, we can make a big change. Protecting the planet starts with you. Adopt simple ways you can save the earth.  Reduce, Re-use and recycle. Conserve water, avoid using plastic and opt for organic and sustainable products. Plant a tree.

Be patriotic

Patriotism is showing devotion to your country. Be devoted and loyal to your country. Obey all the laws and follow traffic rules. Pay your taxes. Don’t little or engage in acts of vandalism that deface your environment. Talk to your fellow citizens with kindness and cheer for your country in sports events like World cup.

Be Well Informed

We should all be well informed about our country and rest of the world too.  Read to educate yourself about the important issues facing your nation. Participate in your nation’s political life by voting, volunteering for campaigns, attending events. Be empathetic towards other nations and help in whatever way you can when other nation faces a disaster or a tragic incident.

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