Fabric and material matter the most when buying a bra, doesn’t it? We as a bra manufacturer invest a lot of our time, effort and resources finding the perfect fabric which does not only fit well but also provides ultimate comfort and support. There has been a huge evolution in lingerie when it comes to fabric. In older times, women only had cotton, silk and linen to choose from whereas now they have a wide range of synthetic fabrics to choose from like polyester, nylon, and lycra. The modern fabrics are more in demand in recent times when more women opt for t-shirt bras etc.

Now comes the question which one is better? Cotton bras or synthetic bras? There is no good or bad when it comes to fabric. They are both great for everyday wear. It’s simply a matter of choice and preference. Each fabric brings its own benefits and drawbacks.

Cotton is still perceived to be the most comfortable fabric used in a bra. Women who are used to of wearing cotton bras all their life can’t seem to switch to other fabrics. It does work great especially for summers in Pakistan. They may not look as sexy as other modern fabrics but they are soft, breathable and comfortable for daily wear. They are also easily manageable as they can be machine washed.  We still do not recommend machine washing your bras. They would last you longer when hand washed with love and care. On the contrary, cotton bras may not provide optimal support and shape especially in bigger cups. The classic cotton bras rely on seaming and their wide straps for support.

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At IFG, we have a range of cotton bras further divided into knitted and woven cotton. The difference between a woven and knit fabric is the thread or yarn construction. Woven cotton is generally crisp and not stretchy whereas knitted cotton is usually stretchy and supple.


Synthetic fabric bras include man made textures like polyester, nylon, spandex, micro fibre and many more. These fabrics hold the wires very well and give you that lift, shape and support even for big breasts. These fabrics also allow sweat evaporation from your body. These bras are more lightweight and feel soft and smooth on your skin. They are also almost invisible so a great option to wear under your t-shirts and tops.

Now that we have listed all the advantages and disadvantages of both the fabrics, you can now choose wisely what works best for you. Ideally you can have a combination of both cotton and synthetic bras for different usage, weathers and occasions.


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