How To Know If You Have a Tight Bra?



If you have been experiencing irritation and discomfort around your chest area, there is a high chance that your bra is the cause. How you may ask? If you have a tight bra or a loose one, it can be a huge annoyance at times. 
Usually it is easy to suspect fitting  issues with your bras, but problems arise when you cannot decide whether this discomfort is due to its tightness or looseness.
Here are a few ways through which you can tell if your bra is too tight. 

Breast slips out of the cup

If your breasts are spilling out of the cups, either from front or sides, it is an indication of your bra being too tight. This usually happens when the cups of your bra are smaller than your size. Even though you were careful in selecting your cup size, this mishap can still happen and you can still end up with an uncomfortable bra. 

Underwire sits on the breast

If you find the bra underwire sitting on your breast instead of lying flatly on your rib cage, just below your breasts, you should know that your bra is tight. This type of issue with an underwire bra can cause real pain and annoyance as it irritates the skin of your breasts badly. 

Constant Adjustment 

Even though you put in a lot of thought and effort while buying your bra to find the right size, you still notice yourself adjusting your bra more than often. If you are constantly trying to loosen your bra straps, this is a strong indication that you have a tight bra. 

Pain in Upper Body

If you are experiencing pain in your upper body, especially in your shoulders, this could be due to a tight bra. The most typical issues with tight bras are that their cups tend to be small while their straps are loose. So people tighten the straps too much to compensate for the looseness leading to discomfort and pain which arise due to less support and more pressure. 

How to fix a tight bra?

An overly tight bra can lead to some negative results, so it is essential to address it immediately. Some of the ways through which you can fix this problem is getting a bra extender, adjusting your straps, and changing your size.  

Bottom Line

Fixing your tight bra may require you to give some time and focus on what’s causing the tightness, but it will all be worth it when you will feel the heavenly support and comfort of the right bra. Always remember, if your bra is right, you feel right!


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