Simple Ways To Practice Self Love


Simple Ways To Practice Self Love


We all go through such phases in our lives in which we feel low, depressed, and not just like ourselves. In such times, as the old saying goes, one needs love the most. So, if you are finding yourself on the precipice of darkness, a dash of self-love in the form of self love affirmations might just be what you need.

However, it is not always easy to treat yourself with the love you truly deserve either due to lack of motivation or simply because you don’t know how to love yourself. But we have compiled a list of different ways of practicing self love for women and men as well. 

Stop Judging Yourself 

You are your worst critic. That’s true. No one can judge you the way you judge yourself for every little mistake you make which leads to your misery. If you want to know how to practice self love, the first thing you need to do is stop judging yourself. Always remember that it is okay to make mistakes because they teach you lessons of life. 

Your Body Does Not Represent Your Value

Research shows that almost 91% of women experience bouts of unhappiness because they are not satisfied with their bodies. If you want to know how to increase your value as a woman, stop believing that your body defines your worth. You are defined by your personality and values. 

Cut Toxic People off from Your Life

If you are curious about how to build yourself as a woman and man, cut toxic people off from your life. Toxic people put out extreme negativity to the world that holds the power to consume you entirely. Most of the time such people feed off of your energy without your awareness. So observe those people who always give you confusing vibes, recognize toxicity and then get rid of them. 

Believe In Yourself 

More often than not, you will find yourself doubting your own actions and beliefs to the point where you lose all trust in yourself. This is by far the most dangerous thing anyone can ever do. This world is cruel enough to do all that to you, if you start being hard on yourself, imagine where life would lead. So start believing in yourself, TODAY!

Take Risks & Avail Opportunities

All the judgment and self doubt may make you blind to all the opportunities in front of you. Or your self doubt might be telling you that the goal you have set for yourself is not achievable. Hence, you end up doing nothing and staying stagnant that would only add to your self doubt. Take that next big step you have been aiming for,.and forget about the consequences. You will do wonders. 

Say Positive Things to Yourself

Positive affirmations for self love such as I am confident, I am strong, I am powerful, I am all I can be, can change the game. Saying these mantras everyday can actually change your attitude towards your own self, and will require nothing but only five minutes from your daily routine. 

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