Women's Day Special: How To Be The Hero of Your Own Journey?

Most of the women's day special content celebrates all those women who have achieved big goals and made a name in society. These women are usually entrepreneurs, leaders, doctors, authors, or lawyers. In doing so, we forget the ones who haven’t been able to achieve huge milestones and are struggling with regular life problems.
Such women might not be successful ones according to society’s perspective, but they are still on their journey. If you are also the one trying to build your life at your own pace and facing the hardships of life, read more to find out how you can be the hero of your own journey.

Accept your journey

Many women find themselves in a position where they are looked down upon which decreases their belief in their own journey. The first thing that you as a woman have to do is forget what others say about you and accept where you are. Once you accept your circumstances, you will be able to maneuver through life with confidence.

Surround yourself with good people

If you want to live a contented life, you will have to fill it with situations that are positive for your growth. And to do that, you will have to surround yourself with people that motivate you and bring out the best in you. It is not always possible to cut those people off your life who bring you down, but you have to be careful where you can be.

Stop comparing yourself with other successful women

You see many women around you who are successful and or on their path to becoming one, which ultimately makes you feel inferior. You compare yourself with them, which leads to dissatisfaction and eventually unhappiness. So if you want to accept your journey, you will have to stop comparing yourself with others and work on your own self because personality grows where comparison leaves off.

There are no shortcuts

Always remember that you are on a journey. So if it is a journey, there will always be a path involved. Trying to create shortcuts will only veer you off, leading to frustration and confusion. So stick to your path, have patience, and see how events unfold in your favor.

Accept others

Once you start altering your life and accepting your journey, you will naturally feel an urge to control others’ feelings and attitudes to satisfy your need for being accepted by them. But you will have to realize that you cannot drive situations and relationships on your own terms. When you accept this fact, it will become much easier for you to be at peace with your present situation.

Bottom Line

Let’s celebrate this women’s day by being the heroes of our journeys and accepting where we are at the moment in our lives. Appreciate every little thing you do today, from being able to wake up with a fresh mind or trying to pull off your work duties. Celebrate everything and anything today because it’s YOUR day!


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