Empowering Women's Day Celebration: IFG and Poppy's Innovative Initiative


As the world commemorates International Women's Day, it's a time to celebrate the achievements, resilience, and empowerment of women everywhere. In a remarkable display of solidarity and innovation, IFG and Poppy have joined hands to mark this special occasion in a truly unique and impactful manner.

This Women's Day, IFG and Poppy proudly announced a groundbreaking initiative aimed at empowering women and fostering a culture of self-care and support. The celebration unfolded with a series of thoughtful gestures and initiatives designed to uplift and empower women from all walks of life.

At the heart of this year's celebration was the launch of a revolutionary lingerie vending machine, strategically placed at Ocean Mall in collaboration with IFG and Poppy. This innovative vending machine offers a convenient and discreet solution for women in need of essential items like briefs and sanitary napkins, especially during emergencies. This thoughtful addition to the mall's amenities underscores IFG and Poppy's commitment to promoting women's health, comfort, and well-being.

In addition to the launch of the lingerie vending machine, IFG and Poppy extended a generous offer of a flat 20% discount to their esteemed newsletter subscribers. This exclusive discount not only celebrates Women's Day but also acknowledges the unwavering support and loyalty of their valued customers.

Further amplifying the celebration, IFG and Poppy showered their brand ambassadors with adorable gift boxes filled with carefully curated lingerie and delightful goodies. Each gift box also contained a special Women's Day candle and a delectable cookie, serving as a sweet reminder of the importance of self-care and appreciation.

Moreover, to spread the spirit of Women's Day far and wide, IFG and Poppy equipped their brand ambassadors with exclusive discount codes to share with their followers. This thoughtful gesture encourages women everywhere to embrace self-love and pamper themselves with high-quality lingerie while enjoying irresistible savings.

In addition to these initiatives, IFG and Poppy also organized a mental health awareness session for all the women at their factory. Recognizing the importance of mental well-being in women's lives, this session provided valuable insights, coping strategies, and resources to support emotional wellness in the workplace and beyond. The session fostered open dialogue and empowered women to prioritize their mental and emotional well-being.

As we reflect on the significance of International Women's Day, IFG and Poppy's collaborative efforts stand as a shining example of solidarity, empowerment, and inclusivity. Through their innovative initiatives and heartfelt gestures, they have not only celebrated Women's Day but have also reaffirmed their unwavering commitment to championing women's rights and well-being.

In conclusion, let us continue to celebrate the remarkable achievements and contributions of women worldwide, today and every day. Together, we can create a more inclusive and equitable world where every woman is celebrated, empowered, and cherished. Happy Women's Day from IFG and Poppy!

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