Lingerie to wear when you’re PMSing


We've all been there, those days when you're grappling with the ups and downs of your menstrual cycle. Whether it's the bloating, mood swings, or general discomfort that often accompany PMS (premenstrual syndrome), finding ways to feel both comfortable and confident becomes a top priority. While oversized sweaters and comfy pajamas might seem like the go-to choices, there's something incredibly empowering about slipping into lingerie that not only caters to your body's needs but also boosts your self-esteem.

In this blog, we're here to guide you through the world of lingerie that's perfect for those PMS days. From soft fabrics that provide a gentle embrace to styles that accentuate your natural beauty, we'll help you discover pieces that not only accommodate your physical comfort but also encourage a positive mindset during this challenging time of the month. So, whether you're seeking solace in delicate lace, cozy cotton, or seamless designs, get ready to explore a range of lingerie options that will make you feel like the confident and resilient person you are, no matter the phase of your cycle.

Join us as we delve into the art of selecting lingerie that understands and celebrates your body during the ups and downs of your menstrual cycle. After all, embracing your body's natural rhythms is a journey of self-care, and choosing the right lingerie can be a beautiful and empowering part of that journey.

IFG’s Control Brief is your everyday ideal slimming panty which provides total support and control. This brief is made with pure cotton material so that your skin can breathe even on hot summer days. It is available in three practical colors of Skin, Black and White.

Poppy’s Inti is a knitted cotton bra that is a perfect example of comfort and can be worn every day, all year round. This bra is sure to provide you with a natural lift and enhanced shape in total comfort. It is available in two colors of Almond and Black and sizes from XS up to XL.


Poppy’s Everyday Essentials 1 is a non-padded cotton bra that is wireless and has subtle lace detailing. It is a perfect bra for everyday wear and is one of our customer’s favorites. This bra comes with adjustable band and straps. It is available in three colors of Skin, Black and White.

Poppy’s Blossom 002 is the right pick for you as it is a full coverage bra which provides you with optimum comfort all day long along with looking sexy. This bra comes with lace detailing and a plain lower band that makes it ideal for everyday wear. It is available in four colors of Skin, Black, White and Maroon.

Triumph’s Comfort 86N is a comfortable bra that is made in double layered cotton stretch style and it comes with pre-shaped cups that offer a seamless fit, making it perfect under sheer clothes. This bra is available in two colors of Skin and Black.

Triumph’s T-Shirt Bra 77 WDP is a wired and padded bra that offers maximum support. It comes with detachable shoulder straps. This bra guarantees no fuss and no lines and can be worn in multiple ways. It is available in two colors of Skin and Black.

Navigating the rollercoaster of emotions and physical changes that come with PMS can be quite the challenge, but it's essential to remember that you're not alone in this journey. Embracing your body's natural rhythms and treating yourself with care and kindness is a powerful way to reclaim control and boost your self-esteem during these trying times.

The lingerie choices we've explored in this blog aren't just about superficial aesthetics – they're about connecting with your body, finding comfort in the right places, and celebrating your unique beauty. Whether you opt for soft cotton sets that provide a gentle touch, soothing colors that align with your mood, or delicate lace that makes you feel like a goddess, the key is to choose pieces that make you feel good from the inside out.

Remember, self-care isn't a one-size-fits-all approach. It's about listening to your body's needs and responding with love and compassion. Lingerie can play a role in this self-care routine by reminding you that you deserve to feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful no matter what stage of your menstrual cycle you're in. So, go ahead and treat yourself to that special lingerie that makes you feel amazing, because you deserve it every day of the month.

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