Top 10 Triumph Bras Every Woman Must Have in Her Collection


Bras are not just undergarments; they're essential pieces of clothing that provide support, comfort, and confidence to women of all shapes and sizes. With an array of options available in the market, choosing the right bra can be overwhelming. However, Triumph, a renowned lingerie brand, offers a curated collection of bras designed to cater to every woman's needs. Here's a detailed look at the top 10 Triumph bras that every woman must have in her collection:

1. Comfort 63 N – Priced for Rs.3, 650

The Comfort 63 N bra is a classic knit cotton style that prioritizes control and comfort. With a middle triangle feature, it offers added support, making it ideal for everyday wear. Available in skin, black, and white, and in sizes ranging from B to D cups (32-42), this bra ensures both style and functionality.

2. Comfort 86 N - Priced for Rs.2, 650

For a seamless fit under sheer clothes, the Comfort 86 N bra is an excellent choice. Made from double-layered cotton stretch fabric with pre-shaped cups, it guarantees a perfect fit and comfort. Available in black and skin colors, and in sizes 32-38 B and C cups, this bra is a wardrobe staple for every woman.

3. Doreen - Price varies depending on size Rs.4, 500 - Rs.4, 800

Triumph's bestselling Minimizer, the Doreen bra, is crafted from lace and Lycra, offering ultimate lift, support, and comfort for fuller figures. Available in an extensive range of colors including black, skin, white, burgundy, grey, and slate grey, and in sizes 32-46 B-H cups, this bra combines style with functionality seamlessly.

4. T-Shirt Bra 77 WDP - Priced for Rs.3, 650

The T-Shirt Bra 77 WDP is a wired, padded bra designed to eliminate lines and provide a smooth silhouette under clothing. With detachable shoulder straps, it offers versatility and can be worn in multiple ways. Available in skin and black colors, and in sizes 32-38 B and E cups, this bra is a must-have for everyday wear.

5. FB-002 - Priced for Rs.3, 500

Featuring attractive half lace cups, the FB-002 bra offers everyday comfort for mature figures. Its high center provides extra support, making it a practical yet stylish choice. Available in skin, black, and white colors, and in sizes 34-42 B-E cups, this bra ensures both comfort and elegance.

6. Jolly Fit - Priced for Rs.2, 900

The Jolly Fit bra combines fashion and function effortlessly. With elegant half lace cups, it ensures maximum comfort and an excellent shape. Available in an array of colors including black, skin, burgundy, chocolate chip, purple, blue, and secret lagoon, and in sizes 32-42 B-E cups, this bra is a wardrobe essential for every woman.

7. T-Shirt Bra 77 P - Priced for Rs.3, 900

Triumph's lightweight, non-wired T-Shirt Bra 77 P offers pure and classic padded comfort for everyday wear. Available in black, skin, lobster, and burgundy colors, and in sizes B, C, and D cups, this bra guarantees both comfort and style.

8. Minimizer 112 W - Priced for Rs.5, 950

The Minimizer 112 W bra offers great comfort and support with its lightweight lacy wired design. Featuring smooth seamless cups with gorgeous butterfly lace, it provides full coverage and is partially lined. Available in sizes 32-40 and C-F cups, and in skin and black colors, this bra is perfect for everyday wear.

9. T-Shirt Bra 60 P - Priced for Rs.5, 400

Part of Triumph's body make-up series, the T-Shirt Bra 60 P is designed to give a smooth seamless look that flatters the skin. Made with special Lycra fabric for stretch ability, it offers freedom of movement and comfort. Available in sizes 32-38 B, C, and D cups, and in skin and burgundy colors, this bra is a versatile addition to any wardrobe.

10. Maximizer 118 HU - Priced for Rs.6, 450

For those seeking a push-up effect, the Maximizer 118 HU bra is an ideal choice. With seamless padded underwire cups and adjustable straps, it provides full coverage without side bulges or spillage. Available in sizes 32-36 and B and C cups, this bra ensures both comfort and confidence.

In conclusion, Triumph's collection of bras offers a diverse range of styles, sizes, and colors to cater to every woman's preferences and needs. From everyday comfort to special occasions, these bras are essential additions to any woman's lingerie collection, providing support, style, and confidence with every wear.

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