Poppy's Extravaganza at Dolmen Mall Clifton: A Fun-Filled Day of Surprises


Step into the vibrant world of Poppy, where fashion meets fun and surprises! Recently, Poppy hosted a spectacular pop-up event at Dolmen Mall Clifton that left everyone buzzing with excitement. Let's dive into the highlights of this unforgettable day featuring influencers, brand ambassadors, and an array of delightful attractions.

Influencers Galore: A Star-Studded Affair

Poppy's pop-up event was graced by the presence of over 20 influential personalities, including Sara Ali, Shanza Murtaza, and Sania from Blinking Vibes, Ireesham, and Nimra from My Cup of Tea. The stars added a touch of glamour to the event, creating a buzz both online and offline.

Wheel of Fortune: Spin and Win!

The excitement didn't stop there! Attendees had the chance to test their luck at the Wheel of Fortune. Prizes ranged from exclusive discounts at the Triumph store to Valentine's Day sweets, makeup brush sets, and trendy scrunchies. It was a whirlwind of anticipation and joy as visitors spun the wheel to discover their surprise.

Vending Machine Magic: Shop Lingerie in a Snap

Poppy made history by being the first brand in Pakistan to introduce a vending machine for lingerie and loungewear. Attendees could indulge in a shopping spree by simply using the machine. This innovative approach added an element of convenience and novelty to the overall shopping experience.

Strike a Pose: Picture-Perfect Photo booth

The event featured a cute and captivating photo booth where attendees could capture memories in style. From playful poses to group shots with friends, the photo booth provided the perfect backdrop for guests to showcase their personalities and share their experience on social media.

Virtual Reality (VR) Adventure: Peek into Poppy's World

Step into the future with Poppy's VR experience! Attendees had the unique opportunity to explore the latest product launches in a virtual space. It was a fascinating journey that allowed visitors to interact with the brand on a whole new level, offering a glimpse into the innovation driving Poppy's collections.

Share Your Love: Comments and Notes

As a brand that values customer feedback, Poppy set up a 'Share Your Comments' station. Attendees wrote heartfelt notes, shared their thoughts, and provided feedback on their experience with the brand. This interactive element not only strengthened the bond between Poppy and its customers but also created a sense of community.

Poppy's pop-up event at Dolmen Mall Clifton was a delightful blend of glamour, excitement, and innovation. From influencers to brand ambassadors, the event brought together a diverse group of individuals who embraced the fun-filled atmosphere. With the Wheel of Fortune, Vending Machine Magic, a Picture-Perfect Photo booth, Virtual Reality Adventure, and the opportunity to share their love, attendees left with smiles on their faces and memories to cherish. Poppy continues to redefine the fashion experience, making waves as a pioneer in the industry. Stay tuned for more adventures and surprises from the trendsetting world of Poppy!

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