Revolutionizing Intimacy: IFG and Poppy Introduce Pakistan’s First Lingerie Vending Machine


In a groundbreaking step toward modernizing the retail landscape and challenging societal norms, IFG and Poppy have joined forces with Go-Vend to introduce Pakistan's first-ever lingerie vending machine. This innovative collaboration with Go-Vend seeks to revolutionize the intimate apparel shopping experience, offering a discreet and convenient solution for individuals seeking a more private and accessible way to purchase lingerie.

Traditionally, shopping for lingerie has often been associated with a degree of discomfort or hesitancy, prompting the need for a more discreet and convenient approach. We, with our finger on the pulse of evolving consumer preferences, aim to address these concerns by introducing a revolutionary concept that merges technology, fashion, and intimacy.


Initially, we have introduced these vending machines in universities like IBA and IoBM for young girls, making it easy for them to purchase our briefs in cases of need or if they generally like one of our products and want to add it to their wardrobe. These vending machines are also equipped with sanitary pads keeping those uncalled for menstrual days in mind.

The introduction of this discreet and convenient solution not only modernizes the intimate apparel shopping experience but also reflects a progressive shift in the way we approach and embrace discussions around intimacy.

The fusion of technology and fashion showcased in this groundbreaking initiative paves the way for a more inclusive and accessible shopping environment. By offering a private space for women to explore and purchase lingerie, IFG and Poppy have taken a bold step towards dismantling stereotypes and empowering consumers to embrace their individuality.

This venture is not merely about introducing a vending machine; it's about sparking a dialogue on the evolving dynamics of retail, privacy, and personal expression. The positive reception and impact on societal perceptions highlight the potential for such innovations to inspire further change in the way we approach intimate apparel.

As we celebrate this milestone, we eagerly anticipate the ripple effect it may have on shaping future innovations that redefine our collective understanding of intimacy and retail experiences. Here's to a future where boundaries are blurred, and women are empowered to embrace their uniqueness with confidence.

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